Downingtown East High School

Post Prom Party ~ 2017



"A Night At the Movies"

12am - 5am







Guidelines and Rules



Guidelines for Attending Post Prom

You do NOT have to attend the prom to attend the celebration.


You are eligible to attend Post Prom 2017 if:


o You are a DEHS eligible senior


o You are the prom date of an eligible DEHS senior.


The hours of the celebration are Midnight to 5am.


The celebration is entirely free.


Change at DEHS from prom clothes to casual. Hangers and bags will be provided and placed in a secure area. (Suggest you have transportation / change of clothes at the school prior to your arrival)


You are responsible for informing your guest of the rules and guidelines if your guest is an underclassman or non-DEHS student.


You and your guest must be pre-registered with phone numbers and emergency contacts. No registration: No entrance. No exceptions.


Your guest must be at least 15 years old.


You must arrive by 1:15am Parents/Guardians of those students that have registered, but not arrived by 1:15am will be called.




You must be checked in and present in the building to win the raffle prizes.


Only DEHS Seniors are eligible for Raffle Prizes.


No Alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products are allowed.


No admittance if the use of alcohol or drugs is suspected. Anyone who is suspected of the use of alcohol or drugs will be referred to the authorities and their parents will be called.


Personal belongings may be checked for alcohol or drugs upon entry.


No food or drinks may be brought into DEHS. It will be confiscated.


If your behavior presents the potential to harm another student you may be prohibited from participating in that activity for the remainder of the event.


All school rules apply.

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